Multiple Configurations

All seat-tails can slide – for balance or imaginations

The Cadillac Position

"The Cadillac"

  • The most common configuration
  • Spread the head and tail to the ends of the board to achieve the perfect visual balance

The Double Cadillac Position

"The Double Cadillac"

  • Like “The Cadillac” but with a free rider who occasionally provides unsolicited paddling advice

Lazy Bones Position

"Lazy Bones"

  • Move the seat to the center and paddle while you sit
  • You are kind of exercising but kind of not
  • Frequently seen with a cooler

Parade Royalty Position

"Parade Royalty"

  • The rider enjoys the full creature experience without the distractions of the paddler

Motivator Position


  • The head goes in the back
  • Extra motivation for your workout
  • Also popular with the surf riding crowd

Posse Position


  • Great for people who desire more company during their paddles
  • Also known as “The Hydra”